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Confidence During Crisis

DCMC Testimonials

I engaged DCMC Partners to assist with our FEMA claim process after Hurricane Michael devastated our electrical distribution system in 2018. That decision has been pivotal to the cooperative getting back on its feet and maximizing the funding for which we were eligible.
Florida Electric Cooperative CEO
Immediately after DCMC’s experts engaged with the district, the results were noticeable. DCMC worked as a partner, both with us and with FEMA, bringing a sense of teamwork and collaboration with all parties, but they also became our most effective advocate when such support was needed to resolve disagreements in our favor.
Louisiana Parish School Systems
DCMC’s reputation in the emergency management field is excellent. I engaged them to be available on standby to support our members’ FEMA-related recovery needs after a disaster occurs. In every instance, I have been pleased with their support and I am comforted that all insured Members of the FMIT have access to professionals with their level of experience and capability.
Florida League of Cities and Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT) Official
I have known the principals at DCMC Partners for many years, beginning in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I have engaged with them on some of the largest and most complex disasters in U.S. history, and have relied on their expertise time and time again to secure literally billions more funding from FEMA than they would have provided otherwise, and resolve complex problems standing in the way of recovery.
Former Louisiana Recovery Official
We appreciate the assistance we have received from DCMC Partners, as we address our challenges and recovery efforts. This assistance has been invaluable in accomplishing a speedy funding obligation for our temporary hospital from FEMA, enabling us to resume hospital services for our community in the near future
Karen Collins, CEO of Lady of the Sea General Hospital

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