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Our Leadership

DCMC Partners is one of the largest networks of experts in the emergency management field

We are former policy makers and program professionals from local, state, federal government and private industries. We have helped shape policy, regulations, national recovery programs, and initiatives. In addition, we have created best practices related to disaster preparedness, recovery and mitigation.


Barry Scanlon

President and lead for strategic planning efforts and government relations, specializing in high-profile grassroots and grasstops coalition building. For more than two decades, Barry has provided strategic advice and counsel in the government and private sector.


Mark Merritt

Chief Operating Officer and one of the most experienced and respected disaster recovery consultants in the U.S. Mark has served in senior leadership roles in nearly every significant disaster in the country over the last 20 years.


Andrew Sachs

Chief Strategy Implementation Officer with more than 25 years of emergency management experience, ranging from establishing disaster preparedness and mitigation programs to developing the recovery organizations that manage recovery efforts and leading business continuity assessments and plans.

Meet our Team


Anneilia "AJ" Holton-Williams


Cherie Clevenger

Senior Grants Manager

Christina Knighten

Senior Grants Manager
Erika Klevers_55

Erica Klevers

Senior Recovery Manager

Michael Robinson

Project Manager
Rick Patterson_45

Rick Patterson

Senior Recovery Manager
Ted Cowan_06

Ted Cowan

Senior Recovery Manager

Kelly George, CFM

Mitigation & Resiliency Manager

Naitzabés Martínez, Esq.

Project Manager

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