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To Be Better Prepared for the Future

DCMC Partners is a crisis management and public safety consulting firm that helps public, non-profit, and private sector organizations with preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation services.

Our experts have helped clients secure, manage, and retain well over $35 billion in FEMA and other recovery program funding, plus billions more in insurance resources.

Recovery Program Management 
Strategic Advisory Services
Hazard Mitigation
Grants Management
Grant Identification & Application
After Action Reports

Strategic Advisory Services

DCMC has a long history of leveraging its emergency management and disaster response and recovery experience to support strategic planning initiatives of all types for its clients. DCMC Partner's extensive experience providing strategic advisory services, is perhaps what distinguishes it from the rest. Its team of experts has decades of experience working with state governments and other large entities, such as major hospital and university systems, in developing and implementing long-term recovery strategies. Decisions made in the early days of recovery have long-term consequences for recovery in the years to come. Expert guidance is necessary in order to maximize the available funding.

The experts at DCMC Partners are well-versed in not only working with state government leadership in developing long-term recovery strategies, but they are also experienced in dealing with leadership at the applicable federal agencies and federal government in coordinating the same.

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DCMC Success Stories

With 30 years of experience, DCMC Partners is equipped to manage and deliver projects from conception to close-out.

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