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DCMC Partners and Lady of the Sea Press Release

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DCMC Partners, a LEMOINE company, is pleased to have supported Lady of the Sea General Hospital (LOSGH) in Cut Off, Louisiana, by helping them to secure over $17 million in funds from FEMA to cover emergency costs in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. This funding includes over $14 million to assist in building a new temporary hospital facility, which will reestablish inpatient hospital services for the South Lafourche community until such time that repair or replacement of the existing hospital building can be completed.

On August 29, 2021, Hurricane Ida heavily damaged the roof of the hospital causing extensive damage in the three story building, as well as other buildings on campus. This resulted in over $55 million in estimated damages to the hospital building alone. Since the storm, ER and Outpatient services have been restored using other buildings around campus. The ability to bring back in-patient services to the community, while also providing outpatient services in the same building will go a long way in reestablishing the critical access hospital to its pre-storm level of service. 

DCMC Partners began assisting LOSGH shortly after Hurricane Ida’s landfall, providing helpful advice to stabilize the situation and document the emergency costs incurred so that they could receive reimbursement. DCMC also leveraged its relationships with FEMA and the State of Louisiana to prepare a successful justification for the temporary facilities that were just approved. The company continues to support LOSGH in their efforts to obtain funding for permanent repairs which will make their hospital more resilient in the face of future disasters.

Utilizing DCMC Partners’ expertise and relationships with both FEMA and the State of Louisiana has made a difference in advancing this project and restoring healthcare services in Lafourche Parish. ”We appreciate the assistance we have received from DCMC Partners, as we address our challenges and recovery efforts. This assistance has been invaluable in accomplishing a speedy funding obligation for our temporary hospital from FEMA, enabling us to resume hospital services for our community in the near future,” said Karen Collins, CEO of Lady of the Sea General Hospital.

DCMC Partners is proud to continue helping our clients secure and obligate money for local communities to be prepared for a more resilient future. #confidenceduringcrisis #1LEMOINE #TheRightPeople